Videos/Other Content

On this page you can find anime related videos and other non-podcast content put together by the Podcastle Crew. Enjoy!

Here’s a trailer for the podcast proper, tying together the diverse array of films and shows we’ve watched so far.

Here are some Schwarzesmarken AMVs. The first combining Warsaw Pact exercise footage with clips from the anime.

And the second, all about those charming Stasi fellows.

(password bundeswehr)

Third, we have a video dedicated to the true hero of Schwarzesmarken: Lise Hohenstein, OG.

(password oderneisse)

Next is of course an Evangelion AMV.

Last and definitely least, we have the season 1 opening of Ranma 1/2 set to “The Sign” by Ace of Base.

Look, I was making a joke on Twitter about the character Ranma being Gen X since he was 16 in 1989 and therefore he’s now probably nostalgic for Ace of Base. The video almost works and I was too lazy to do the edits to make the song fit.